ARSLNuclear Activation Analysis System

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The library table is the most decisive file in the program. If the information in the library is not accurate, all the calculations are built on sand.

The library table has information of the nuclear or atomic reactions, such as: nuclide before reaction, nuclide after reaction, reaction type, half life, gamma (or X) ray energy line, branch ratio, cross section, etc.

Most of the information of the PAA library was adopted from the Photon Activation Analysis of Dr. Segabede. The information is accurate enough for our current analytical purpose. However, we hope to refine the data further according to the Lund/LBNL Nuclear Data Search website in the near future. The photon cross section was calculated according to the equations given by Berman and Fultz.

NAA library was adopted from the "Tables for Analytical Methods at MURR: NAA, XRF and ICP-MS" by Dr. Michael Glascock  created by the collaboration of RDML and PULSTAR. 


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