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Photon Nuclear Reations (PNR)

This page (Photonuclear Reactions) is designed for searching the radiation and isotopes of the photonuclear reactions, the prediction of the radioactivity after the irradiation, the counting efficiency lookup of HpGe detectors.

The nuclear reactions in the database have been detected after 30Mev bremmsstrahlung beam exposure at the Idaho Accelerator Center (our parter of accelerator-based photon activation). They include not only pure photonuclear reactions, but also some neutron reactions [(n,g); (n,2n); (n,p); (n,a); etc.] induced by the powerful bremsstrahlung source. Those reactions are not induced by photons, but they are included in the experimental data collections and some of them can well be used for PAA analysis or have to be taken into account as sources of interference. Simply put, they are in database, because they occur.

The simulation of the bremmsstrahlung beam was processed by Geant4 Tool Kits, based on the electron-photon converter setup at the Idaho Accelerator Center. The efficiency factor lookup is only for the detectors at the Idaho Accelerator Center.  

1. Search for Natural Abundance from Nuclides

2. Search for Nuclides, Reactions from Energy Lines

3. Search for Energy Lines, Reactions from Nuclides

4. Search for Photonuclear Cross Section

5. Search for Simulated Bremsstrahlung Beam Spectra

6. Estimation of the Radioactivity and Net Peak Area of the Sample


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